The thematic Working Groups support the activities of MPA NETWORKS

Five online meetings of the Working Groups on Fisheries, Sustainable Financing and Mobile Species were conducted in March 2021.

During the past few weeks, we held 5 online meetings of Working Groups on fisheries, sustainable financing and mobile species.

Members of the three Working Groups provided technical support to MPAs implementing pilot activities on these topics as part of the MPA NETWORKS project, and also helped us to scope the topics of the forthcoming training modules to be developed as part of MedPAN Regular Training Programme. 

The Fisheries Working Group provided valuable guidance for communication tools that will be made available to MPAs wishing to implement a no-take zone strategy, as well as feedback that will help to clarify the conditions of eligibility of MPAs for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

The Mobile Species Working Group helped with the identification of recommendations for adapting monitoring strategies to marine turtle sporadic nesting sites.

These Working Groups are at the heart of MedPAN’s strategy to provide the network with in-depth and permanent expertise on these key issues.

Thanks to all the members for their support.


In the framework of our project, 3 Thematic Working Groups on fisheries, mobile species, and financing were set up. These Working Groups act as advisory bodies, with the aim to support and increase the network's expertise and efficiency on a number of MPA key issues.

The Mobile Species Working Group is coordinated by Port-Cros National Park (France) and Portofino MPA (Italy). The Fisheries Working Group is coordinated by the MPA of Torre Guaceto (Italy) and the Mediterranean Conservation Society (Gökova MPA, Turkey). The Financing Working Group is coordinated by Brijuni National Park (Croatia) and the Marilles Foundation (Spain).

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